1817 The Selkirk Treaty (Man)

The Selkirk Treaty (1817):

THIS INDENTURE, made on the eighteenth day of July, in the fifty-seventh year of the reign of Our Sovereign Lord King George the Third, and in the year of Our Lord eighteen hundred and seventeen between the undersigned Chiefs and Warriors of the Chippeaway or Sautaux Nation, and the Killistine or Cree Nation, on the one part, and the Right Honorable Thomas Earl of Selkirk, on the other part, Witnesseth:    

that for and in consideration of the annual present or quit-rent herein after mentioned the said Chiefs have given, granted and confirmed and do by these presents give, grant and confirm unto Our Sovereign Lord the King, all that tract of land adjacent to Red River and Assiniboyne River, beginning at the mouth of the Red River and extending along the same as far as the Great Forks at the mouth of Red Lake River and along the Assiniboyne River as far as the Musk Rat River, otherwise called Rivière des Champignons, and extending to the distance of six miles from Fort Douglas on every side, and likewise from Fort Daer, and also from the Great Forks, and in other parts extending in breadth to the distance of two English statute miles back from the banks of the said river, on each side, together with all the appurtenances whatsovever of the said tract of land, to have and to hold forever the said tract of land and appurtenacnes, to the use of the said Earl of Selkirk and of the settlers being established thereon, with the consent and permission of Our Sovereign Lord the King, or of the said Earl of Selkirk;  

provided always, and these presents are under the express condition, that the said Earl, his heirs and successors, or their agents, shall annually pay to the Chief and Warriors of the Chippeway or Saulteaux Nation the present or quit-rent, consisting of one hundred pounds weight of good and merchantable tobacco, to be delivered on or before the tenth day of October at the Forks of Assiniboyne River, and to the Chiefs and Warriors of Killistine or Cree Nation a like present or quit-rent of one hundred pounds weight of tobacco, to be delivered to them on or before the said tenth day of October at Portage de la Prairie, on the banks of Assiniboyne River, provided always that the traders hitherto established upon any part of the above mentioned tract of land shall not be molested in the possession of the lands which they have already cultivated and improved till His Majesty’s pleasure shall be known.   

In WITNESS THEREOF the Chiefs aforesaid have set their marks, at the Forks of the Red River, on the day aforesaid. Signed in presence of: MATCHIE Whewab, his (totem) mark, Le Sonnant.SELKIRK, MECHKADETTINNAH, his (totem) mark, La Robe Noire.THOMAS THOMAS, KAYAGUSKEBINOA, his (totem) mark, L’Homme Noir.James Bird, PEGWISS, his (totem) mark.F. Matthey, Captain, OUCKIDOAT, his (totem) mark, Premier.P.D. Orsonnios, Captain,Miles Mconnell,J. BT. CHS. Delorimier,Louis Nolin, Interpreter   

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